Prism introduces a revolutionary e commerce platform known as "Price zone" where you can instantly know the cost/price of industrial and automotive paint spray booths. Being in the industry of manufacturing paint booths for over 30 years we have efficiently developed an easy system to buy and select standard industrial paint booths of various sizes which can be used for various industries.Please follow the below guidelines/steps and once you select the size the price will be emailed instantly to you.

Price zone aims to helps manufacturers and interested buyers of paint booths to get faster budgetary quotes instantly rather than waiting weeks to get a quotation from various paint both manufacturers,it will also help get an idea of how much a spray paint booth would cost,select paint booth accessories and see the detailed technical specifications of the paint booth.



Select your Paint booth Model Below

  • Paint booths are technically chosen on the basis of not only application but primarily on paint consumption per day or month.
  • In PRISM’s paint booth all types of paints and adhesives can be sprayed.
  • We have addressed here SEMI DOWN DRAFT PAINT BOOTHS WITH DRY FILTERS which are most suited for almost all application with almost no limitations.
  • Cross Draft paint booths – Have a limitation which is paint particles sticking to the sides and falling to the floor especially where booths have a great lengths.
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Select your Paint Consumption

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Select your type of Paint booth

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The automated price sent to you will only include the price of the paint booth.The price with the accessories will be sent to you separately.
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  • I shall use this information only to transact solely with prism and shall not indulge in illegal use and misuse of the information to make illegal profit and business with third parties with the information provided herein.
  • Prism is at liberty to take appropriate action for violation/infringement of any of the agreed terms and conditions herein.
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NOTE : The above options available are only for a few standardized sizes and specifications. If your desired specification/size is not mentioned above please click Send Enquiry to fill in your requirement and we will send you an offer with prices for your specfications.

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